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We specialize in helping athletes and active adults achieve their goals, get back to fitness, get back to their sports and back to their active lifestyles.

When you’re active, it’s painful when you have aches and pains and when you are unable to move and do the things that you wanted to do. He understands that you start to lose a sense of identity and it can affect your mental health. We want to keep you as active as possible, whether you’re going through some aches and pains or a major injury.

One of the founding beliefs of Elevate Physical Therapy is that we tailor the program and rehab to you specifically so you can achieve the fitness goals and get back to that active lifestyle that you want to lead.

Elevate Performance Therapy is not just about physical rehabilitation; it is a transformative journey in the direction of a better life. Jason’s commitment to avoiding medications, injections, and unnecessary surgeries influences athletes, dancers, and active adults to maintain a better lifestyle. Through positive experiences of health and fitness, he not only heals the body but also instills a sense of purpose and well-being in his clients.

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Jason Park is a physical therapist and founder of Elevate Performance Therapy. He started this clinic because he recognized that healthcare was changing in a detrimental way and saw that clients were not given enough attention and compassion. When working through people’s pain points and assessing clients, he sensed a feeling of going through the motions and giving a basic approach.

His key objective is to deepen the relationship with rehab in the everyday world of sports and fitness. Getting people back to an active life is what he really wants, but he felt the model used in health care was very limiting. Its sole purpose was getting people out of pain, without further support or care to ensure that the pain doesn’t return. There also wasn’t patient education on how to self-care regarding a pain point.

Making his path into the world of PT through was fueled by a genuine desire to make a profound difference in people’s lives. He believes in fostering an environment where clients feel supported and inspired throughout their rehabilitation journey. This commitment to personalized care sets him apart and has the capacity to realize that a personalized approach redefines his standards of care.

He grew up in New Jersey, and for most of his life played sports such as basketball, tennis and golf, resulting in him having a very active lifestyle. That really helped understand the passion that people have trying to live healthy and enjoying fitness to socialize, also to improve health. Jason is enthusiastic about working out and staying in shape by hiking and going for long walks.

Having a passion for changing lives enabled him to envisage a holistic way to rehabilitation that goes beyond traditional methods. His journey started with a realization that true healing requires personalized attention, a philosophy that forms the foundation of his clinic. Jason’s years of experience in the field have equipped him with an extensive knowledge base, honing his ability to address a diverse range of physical issues.

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