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Golf Injuries

It’s very common to deal with golf injuries, a lot of people overlook the fitness side, the movement aspect when playing golf; people just want to get out on the golf course any chance they can get.

But there’s a range of common golf injuries; back, shoulder, elbow and wrist injuries.

Often when certain joints or certain body parts aren’t moving well it’s going to create more stress in other associated areas.

With a back pain, which is probably the number one golf injury that Jason sees on a regular basis is that a lot of people’s hips are very stiff. Their alignment doesn’t help them and they don’t know how to use their bodies to direct their golf swing. From a rehab side, we assess the golfer from top to bottom, because understanding the golf swing as a whole helps us to figure out what they need.

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We also work with golfers on the fitness side so that they can move more freely, and be able to appreciate that their bodies are designed to move as part of their swing; everyone’s wing is unique! We are proud to have have Titleist Performance Institute certification, so we can better tailor our golfers to their sport and help them crush it down the fairway.

Golf is a sport that demands precision and repetitive motions, making players susceptible to certain injuries. Jason offers valuable insights for preventing and recovering from the most common golf-related injuries. With a thorough understanding of the biomechanics involved in your swing, he tailors rehabilitation programs to address concerns such as golfer’s elbows, lower back pain, and shoulder injuries. Whether you’re a seasoned golfer or just starting, his expertise ensures that you stay on top of your game without being hindered by injuries.

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Jason’s approach to golf injury prevention extends beyond the clinic, as he educates players on proper warm-up routines, strength training exercises, and post-game recovery strategies. By incorporating golf-specific exercises into rehabilitation programs, clients not only recover from injuries but also enhance their performance on the course. Jason’s expertise provides golf enthusiasts with the tools to enjoy the sport while minimizing the risk of common injuries.

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