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Knee Pain

For those dealing with knee pain, you need to understand that perhaps your ankle is stiff and not moving well because something is actually going on at the hips. A knee usually takes the stress of something else not working right.
If you have acute knee pain, you can work on some gentle movements, so that you can really start to get some swelling out of there. And from there to progressively load it so that you’re getting a little bit better each time. It takes time, but getting that pain reduced first, and then building things back up would be key to get getting back to the activities that you love.

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Most people think that their knee pain would one day just magically disappear or that the anti inflammatory medications prescribed by their doctor will do the trick. But months down the line, you are still dealing with the same aches and pains, maybe even stiffness.

If that sounds like you, then be assured that you are not alone. Many of our patients have complained that they have previously been told to rest and take anti-inflammatories or muscle relaxants.

Perhaps you have been told that you should just accept it because it’s arthritis and there’s not much you can do or it’s down to your age and you need to accept it.

You might be more confused because everyone is telling you something different, everyone has an opinion, but it’s important you get a professional opinion. You may have done all your research on Google as well, causing more worries about your knee pain.

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Maybe you have suffered for years and the knee pain is not going away because the muscles in your legs have weakened and wasted away over the years.

Perhaps you have been told to just rest and are finding that after rest, the pain hasn’t gone away. Worse, many people accept this to become their ‘norm’.

Knee pain can be a significant barrier to an active lifestyle, but Jason employs techniques to conquer this obstacle. Understanding the intricate mechanics of the knee, he tailors rehabilitation programs to address specific issues, whether they stem from injuries, over use, or biomechanical imbalances.

A key aspect of Jason’s approach to knee pain recovery is strengthening the surrounding muscles to provide better support to the knee joint. Through specific exercises, he focuses on improving flexibility, stability and overall joint function. Additionally, Jason emphasizes the importance of proper biomechanics and educates clients on preventative measures to mitigate the risk of future knee issues. Through addressing the underlying issues, this makes certain the clients will have a lasting recovery.

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