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Ankle Pain

If you’re suffering from ankle pain, there are many reasons why your ankle might be hurting.
Our assessment process should given you an understanding how your knees and knees are affecting your ankle. Are you getting proper weight shifting between the left and right sides? Are you considering all around the ankle and foot and not just where the pain is?

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We’ve worked with many people suffering from ankle sprains, fractures and foot injuries. It’s important we understand the cause before we start your treatment.

However, we do have a free report so that you can get started today. If you’re not dealing with any acute or traumatic injuries, and dealing with aches and pains, them perhaps you can get some relief from my report.

Recognizing that ankle injuries vary widely; Jason conducts thorough assessments to determine the main cause of the pain point. His interventions encompass a broad approach which is having clients carry out exercises for strength and flexibility, proprioceptive training, and gait analysis.

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He implements a comprehensive recovery that allows for free and confident movement. Jason’s strategies extend beyond the clinic, as he educates clients on the proper footwear, injury prevention techniques, and self-help practices. By aiding clients with the knowledge and tools to manage their ankle pain, he secures a comprehensive recovery that goes beyond immediate relief. Whether it is addressing acute injuries or chronic conditions, Jason’s proficiency aims to restore optimal function and mobility to the ankles.

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