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Elbow Pain

If you’re dealing with elbow pain, you might be dealing with a common issue such as tennis elbow golfer’s elbow, maybe even like a tendinitis issue of the triceps, a bursitis issue or UCL injury for throwers.
Often, they’re soft tissue in nature, but there could be a joint issue as well, based on positioning of your shoulder blade and the trickle effect that it can have. There are many reasons you may have a sore elbow. One of the most common reasons is repetitive elbow motion.

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Usually, when someone sustains an elbow injury, people think of athletes. Many sports, such as baseball, golf, and tennis, use the same arm motion over and over again.

But it’s not just athletes who deal with sore elbows. It can also afflict those whose occupation requires repetitive motion. Factory employees, carpenters, gardeners, and numerous other jobs involve you doing the same movement repeatedly.

Perhaps you have suffered a fall and that has been the cause of your elbow pain? Blunt force trauma to an elbow can cause pain and restrict your movement.

It’s not always purely a joint issue, as an existing medical condition, such as diabetes or arthritis, can contribute to an elbow issue.

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A common issue Jason treats is bursitis. Everyone has a fluid-filled sac surrounding and protecting your elbow, and some of that fluid makes a cushion and acts as shock absorber between the bones and muscles. When that sac, called the olecranon bursa, becomes inflamed, painful swelling happens at the elbow joint, and bursitis flares up.

If you’ve already read other aspects of this website, you are probably already sensing that pain in your elbow isn’t just an elbow issue, it could be something bigger, something more involved; perhaps with the arm and neck as a whole, because our body functions as a whole.

To address your elbow pain, we want to assess it, make sure that you have a clear idea what’s going on, and how to address it not just temporarily, but for the long term as well.

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