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ACL Program

One of the most daunting and fearful sports injuries is the ACL.

That is the anterior cruciate ligament in your knee. It helps stablise the knee when you’re jumping and landing. It’s often a a season ending injury, sometimes leading to a loss of scholarship and, in turn, a potential career.

It’s not an easy rehab process, but, often could be could be prevented. As a result we have designed, based on research, an ACL program offering tailored preventative programmes.

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Perhaps you have been to rehab and, after returing to sport, you feel that your knee is not right.

It’s important to really test it out before you go out there. It’s more prevalent in teen athletes, especially in females.

We want to get our athletes stronger so that they’re not putting their knees at risk.

Elevate Performance Therapy’s ACL recovery program stands as a testament to the clinic’s commitment to comprehensive and specialized care. Jason recognizes the challenges individuals face after an ACL injury and has designed a program that guides them through an in-depth rehabilitation process.

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The ACL program includes targeted exercises to rebuild stability and proprioception in the affected knee. Jason emphasizes a phased approach that gradually reintroduces clients to their desired activities, making a safe and sustained return. The program addresses potential risk factors to prevent future injuries, empowering clients to resume an active lifestyle with confidence. Through hands-on therapies, educational components, and ongoing support, it exemplifies the clinic’s dedication to facilitating a successful and lasting recovery.

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