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Neck Pain

If you’re suffering from neck pain and tried massages, you’re probably pulling on your neck to stretch it out.

You’re constantly blaming your posture, maybe because of the phones, tablets and laptops that we use these days. But it’s important to understand that that those issues might not be the reasons why you’re having neck pain.

It comes down to understanding what’s going on, and get to the root of it to treat not just the symptoms alone, but the root of it.

Too often patients visit who are feeling frustrated after working with other healthcare practitioners who only treated the symptoms and didn’t get to the actual root cause of the problem.

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They may have been through the most basic of exercises such as electric stimulation, massage, or ultrasound.

There’s so much more to treatment than just easing the pain.

When it comes to something as serious as neck pain and headaches choosing the right provider and non-invasive treatment is imperative to avoid a potentially life-altering surgery.

Most people are shocked when we tell them that pain relief isn’t the best thing we can do for you, it’s simply a happy by-product! The best thing we do for people is provide a long-term solution so that your pain not only goes away, but actually stays away.

With neck and headache issues the root cause normally stems comes from within the following reasons:

Muscle imbalances of the neck and shoulder that are created from poor posture, leading to certain muscles becoming tight and working harder than they should as others drastically weakened.

Doing the wrong stretches or exercises that can make your problems worse.

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Stiffness in the joints of the spine from chronic inflammation, limiting your ability to turn your head side to side.

Old injuries from whiplash or falls that have created ‘compensations’ in the way your neck moves.

Every person will have a different root cause depending on your personal injury history and body type.

Easing the pain could be down to something as simple as implementing better breathing patterns to alleviate tension. Check out our free report and ask us any questions that you might have.

Neck pain can significantly impact daily life, and Jason tailors approaches for recovery. Understanding that neck pain is often multifaceted, he conducts thorough assessments to identify the specific factors contributing to discomfort. From strengthening exercises to ergonomic adjustments, Jason’s approach is personalized to address the unique needs of everyone. Through targeted interventions and exercises, he shows individuals how to regain control and mobility in their daily lives.

Central to Jason’s methodology is educating clients on methods that promote neck health. He guides people on stress management techniques and preventive measures to assist their recovery. By integrating manual therapies with willing participation from the client, Jason establishes a comprehensive and viable recovery from neck pain.

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