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Tennis Injuries

If you’re dealing with tennis injuries, then you are in safe hands because we’ve seen many of them and continue to do so on a regular basis.

The most common injuries are soft tissue injuries like hamstring strains, calf strains or tennis elbow, but we also get shoulder issues, such as rotator cuff, while a lot players suffer from debilitating hip and back pain.

The one thing that tennis players really overlook is fitness. Tennis is a great sport for social activity, it’s great for fitness, hand-eye coordination and mindset, but most recreational players don’t do enough on the fitness side.

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We combine to rehab and fitness to really help you tailor the experience so that when you get back to playing, you’re not going to take the risk and hurt yourself. We want to get you to the point that you feel confident with your body and you can develop the fitness side, so that when you return to the court your body can keep up with the effort.

Jason offers a range of dedicated exercises and rehabilitation plans to help clients get back on the court stronger than ever, minimizing the risk of future injuries. Recognizing the unique demands of tennis on the body, he conducts in-depth assessments to pinpoint specific issues contributing to injuries.

From addressing issues with grip technique to implementing strength and flexibility exercises, Jason’s approach is comprehensive and individualized.

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Beyond the rehabilitation sessions, Jason emphasizes the importance of proper warm-up and cool down routines, as well as cross-training exercises to enhance overall fitness. By incorporating tennis-specific movements into the recovery process, clients not only recover from injuries but also develop resilience to prevent future issues. Jason’s specialized methods allow tennis enthusiasts to return to the court with confidence, knowing they have the tools to support a healthy and injury-free game.

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