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Injury Prevention

Injury prevention programmes are not attractive by any means, because who wants to prevent things?
But it’s a way for athletes to stay safe. There’s an uprise in youth injuries, and a lot of things happening when your body is developing.

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There’s also early sports specialisation to consider, when kids are playing one sport all year long and becoming a specialist in their sport, as opposed to having a well-rounded, athletic build, growing up in an early age. We understand those issues and try to assess and give them the right tools and strategies so that their bodies can develop and be healthy.

This has worked very well in ACL prevention programmes where we worked with the local high school basketball team so that they didn’t suffer from ACL injuries during the process of the season.

That was a big success and they didn’t suffer any knee injuries during the season, while all their numbers including strength test, flexibility test and jumping capabilities all improved.

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That’s a big tell tale sign of injury prevention and although that sometimes can’t be tracked, if you are out to gain more confidence playing sport, then preventative programmes can go a long way to securing that.

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